Monday, September 13, 2010

Day Forty-Three

Day 43: 13 Sep 2010

Two persons, one body. Interesting. Like the three persons, one god idea my host Travis was raised to believe. Of course, I know that there is only one god -- I am of him.

I realized that Travis was keeping a place in his mind for just this. Just to keep track of the events that brought us together. I don't know what is to be served by that, by the telling of the story. Still, it seems important to him in some way, so I did not touch that part of his mind. Merely looked around, as you might say.

Travis. . .part of him couldn't handle today. He put himself to sleep, though he thinks I did. It was the day they brought live food. According to Travis' visual memory, the animals were raccoons. We ate them without a thought, twitching and bleeding down our chin. That's when Travis put himself to sleep, leaving me to finish off the rodents myself. And they were good.

Ah, the telling. Story. What we did today. Travis, as you know, slept. I increased our muscle capacity and continued growing the bone plates in our torso. The skin is nearly complete, but the eyes are not cooperating.

And it's too hot in here.

Travis does not want to return. He wishes to stay asleep. He will wake, though. I am sure of it. He and I are one now -- two persons, one god.

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