Friday, September 24, 2010

Day Fifty-Four

Day 54: 24 Sep 2010

Mr. William didn't come back into the room at all after giving me the sunglasses I asked for yesterday. I think he was afraid to, or he was planning his next move.

I was getting bored and considering leaving when he came back in. His pasted-on smile was back -- he popped two pills in his mouth as he walked in.

"For the aphasia," he said, though I didn't ask.

"We had a misunderstanding yesterday, I think. The fault was mine -- the proper respect I did not use in addressing you," he said.

"That's true."

"I would request that you please undertake a job for us."


Mr. William looked confused, of course. Here he was, expecting zombie-like loyalty. I was not as advertised on the packaging, and I knew it.

"But. . . we saved you."

"Incorrect. You just stole me."

His pasted-on smile fell away completely, and he opened his mouth to say something else.

I didn't give him the chance. He was boring me, and I took one massive swing with my right arm. My fist connected with his temple. To be honest, I wanted to see if I could knock his head off with one blow.

I did.

I stepped over what was left of Mr. William. Time to grab a car and get moving. He hadn't told me where I could find the West Coast people -- Vegas was a good start, I guessed. I'd at least seen some of them while there, and Jared, too.

Of course, figuring out where I was -- first priority right there.

Mr. William's men were. . . ineffectual. Not that they didn't try, but their best guns didn't scratch me. I tore through them. And I do mean that literally -- I ripped them apart with my hands. It was messy, violent -- glorious. But above all, it was easy.

Finding car keys was slightly more dull, but I picked Mr. William's pocket and found a set of Cadillac keys on a plain key ring. There were two Escalades outside -- the first one I tried started up. I was on the move.

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