Monday, September 20, 2010

Day Fifty

Day 50: 20 Sep 2010

Now we enter the longest of the rest cycles as the changes become concrete and irreversible. Much sleep. But first, feeding.

I kept Travis out for the final meal -- he's handled the live animals fine, but this meal was different. The animals weren't easy to explain, but this. . . I had not yet figured how to break this one to him. I need to, however. This is principally what we'll be eating from now on, though at a much slower rate.

Once the change is complete, we'll eat less. Once every two weeks. But what we'll be eating, Travis' personality is not yet ready for.

The Chinese knew. They set it all up. On my table this morning were three human hearts -- I could smell their freshness. Knew their owners had died only minutes ago.

This will be our sustenance -- one heart every two weeks. It is not a conversation I look forward to having with Travis.

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