Friday, September 17, 2010

Day Forty-Seven

Day 47: 17 Sep 2010

Travis here. I realize it might get a bit confusing -- sometimes he talks, sometimes I do. The slug, I mean. It's getting harder and harder to think of him as something separate from me -- by design, I'd guess. He once said "we are Travis." That's becoming more true each day.

So, just inside my room, there's an alarm panel. That's not the least bit surprising, right? I mean, it just makes sense that the Chinese would want to keep an eye on me, and keep their no-doubt sizable investment secure.

Woke up again this morning to feed -- live rabbits. It's not bothering me much to eat them now. Both he and I were present for that. The slug, that is. Then, sleep, as per usual.

Then, sometime late tonight, the slug woke me up. First time that had happened. And this is why:

According to the slug, we weren't up to fighting strength by his standards. By human standards, though, we were well beyond it.

So long as there aren't more than ten aggressors, we will be fine, he told me in my thoughts. Comforting, that was. And logical. Just like him.

The alarm continued to go off for a while, then went dead. I turned off all the lights in the room and crouched. We were ready.

Two minutes to midnight, the slug said. Interesting. Those words bring up others -- "I hate that song."

"Well, I do," I told the slug without speaking.

Ah. Found it. You are correct, Travis. It is a bad sound.

"Told you."

As the clock ticked over to midnight, we heard banging on our door. We tensed our muscles and waited.

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