Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day Forty-Nine

Day 49: 19 Sep 2010

Didn't wake up at all today -- I get the feeling the slug kept me under. He didn't talk to me at all, either. But that's OK. I know he's not too happy with me right now without him needing to say anything.

I didn't do what he said yesterday. For all of his talk about partnership, he expects me to do what I'm told when I'm told. But here's the thing -- he couldn't stop me. He couldn't make me kill Cassie and Vince.

Well, not yet. Who knows what'll happen when he gets to what he calls "full strength."

Oh, you know how else I know he's punishing me? I got to listen to this in my head all day, semi conscious:

Pyhrric victory, though. I know he had to listen to it all day, too.

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