Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day Forty-Six

Day 46: 16 Sep 2010

There is only one true god, and I am of him. However, many, many years ago, there were two pretenders. This was back when you humans had barely formed your first cities in your ancient world. There is my father -- the one true god. The god of the sea.

But there was also a creature who fancied himself the god of the air, and another, the god of the land. This is the reason beings like me -- slugs, Travis says -- came to be. The "god" of the air could not strike at my father directly. Nor could the so-called god of the land -- my father was underwater, and they could not go to him. Neither could he go to them.

Then there was your species -- on the most neutral ground we could conceive, the land. My father created us -- his armies of the sea. The two pretenders learned similar methods, turning humans to their own causes. We each fought armies of the others' making.

This happened for years -- many of your years.

Are you familiar with the term "Pyhrric Victory?"

Look it up.

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