Friday, November 12, 2010

Day One Hundred and Three

Day 103: 12 Nov 2010

Ronan seemed to know everything -- the slugs, the insect, and the worms (the children of the God of Land). He also knew what the notebook in Travis' car meant -- that he and Jared meant to revive the other two gods and wage war on humans. He knew a lot, but when I asked how, he didn't answer.

"You need to get some people and some hardware together," he told me. "Guns. Lots of bullets. Won't kill the two guys with slugs in 'em, but it'll tear the unprotected slugs right up."

I knew who to call. Vince was still healing up, but he had people. And definitely guns.

"I'll take my own team and head North," he said. "You're West. Small town in West Texas -- believe you've been there before."

"And what then?" I asked.

"Take out as many of 'em as you can. They'll incubate in a day, this new batch. Travis and Jared are moving by car, so if we get planes, we can stop them."

So I did. I caught a plane to Houston, where Vince and three other guys were waiting. My flight got in just before midnight.

"Vince. You didn't have to come yourself," I said.

Vince just smiled as he and his men led me out of the airport.

"Come on, kiddo. We finally get to kill something. I wouldn't miss it for the world."

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