Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day One Hundred and Nineteen

Day 119: 28 Nov 2010

I had two extra men, and the curiosity was nagging me. I sent them out with orders to stay low, be careful. They returned three hours later with a body.

It was a young black man, tall, muscular, and shot once through the right eye. My soldiers reported that when they found him five miles away, he was still warm. He hadn't been dead long.

Was this the man? The one responsible for the disappearance of my sentries? I couldn't very well ask him in his present condition, unfortunately. I ordered my men to put him aside and finish cutting through the ice. We were so close now.

The stranger approached near midnight. He was walking on foot, and dressed in layers of cold weather gear -- military spec. Like the clothes worb by the ones we'd eliminated back at Thule. He had an assault rifle, but he carried it high over his head, broadcasting his nonthreatening intentions. We let him approach.

"My name is Jason Black!" he yelled as he came closer. "I am a worshipper of the God of the Land! He has called me here!"

I was skeptical until he showed me the tattoo across his shoulder blades. He had the mark, and we welcomed him.

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