Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day One Hundred and Eight

Day 108: 17 Nov 2010

We travel North. When the vehicles froze up in the Northwest Territories, we had to continue on foot.

The cold does not bother us. In fact, we find it rather comfortable. Our soldiers, 24 of them, seem to agree with our sentiments. They, as we, plow through the ice with speed and persistence, not stopping to eat or sleep.

We face a water crossing in days. Water that was not there when the God of the Land was killed. Then, after two more such crossings, we reach his resting place. It did not have a name back then, but now. . . the human part of Jared knows the name somewhere in his mind.

Thule Air Base. Just to the east of that place is where the God of the Land rests. And that is where we shall awaken him.

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