Friday, November 26, 2010

Day One Hundred and Seventeen

Day 117: 26 Nov 2010

Another two sentries missing. When I reach out to their minds to determine their status, I get. . . nothing. I sent these two to look for the first one. Something in Travis' mind called it a "stupid horror movie move." Not sure what that is.

The death of my soldiers is highly a unlikely scenario. Nothing these humans have can kill them, short of massive explosions. I do mean massive, like on the scale of a small nuclear explosion. A block or two of C4 won't do it.

There are other possibilities. Entrapment is possible, though I should be able to get some reading from them in that event. Unconsciousness is also feasible. A particularly high fall could render one of them uncommunicative -- though probably not for as long as the first sentry's been gone. Truth be told, I have no real theory on what happened to them.

It's no matter. We can perform the ceremony with only twenty. We continue to break through the ice -- we're now more than 30 feet down, and I'm starting to sense something. A presence, powerful. It must be the God of the Land.

Won't be long now.

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