Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day Ninety-Five

Day 95: 04 Nov 2010

Scratching away. Clawing at the inside, trying to stop what's happening. To throw a big fucking wrench in it. So far, not much luck.

I thought that when Jared found us, he'd try to stop us. Not so. He just sat down and amplified the call. That must be what my slug and his talked about in Los Angeles. I assume, anyway. I have no real idea what that was all about.

My slug hasn't been knocking me out. Doubt he has the time or the focus for it -- he needs to concentrate on the task at hand. Besides, not much I can do -- I'm not in control of the body. All I can do is watch, try and take back some control of the mind. He's got that locked down, but he hasn't slept in days -- not even his micro-naps. I'm hoping that the slug is like people in that.

My only chance is that the lack of sleep will make him sloppy. I can hope he makes a mistake, and that I can gain some control. It doesn't have to be a lot -- just enough to break the call for a minute. I get the impression that the effort is cumulative. If I can interrupt them, they'll at least have to start over again.

So, the most I can hope to do is buy time, and keep buying it. Until. . . well, to tell you the truth, I don't know.

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