Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day Sixty-Seven

Day 67: 07 Oct 2010

This morning we finally stopped the car. We're safe for at least a while, so now I can fill in some blanks.

We're in El Paso County, Colorado. Current elevation: 14,115 ft. Temperature is a rather pleasant 58 degrees, but the air's thin. My slug doesn't like that at all -- he prefers humid, thick air, and this is neither.

We came here to Pikes Peak for a reason. It's not just that Travis will have a tough journey to get here -- that's a fortunate side effect. No, Cassie needs the elevation. Needs the thin, dry air. And unless we could somehow get to Alaska, this was the best place for it.

I have to back up here. Travis' slug has already made you aware of some of what is happening, though he didn't know some of the things I know. Fortunately.

He told you that there were two would-be gods -- one of air and one of land. This is correct. He also mentioned their armies. People that these gods, like our father, would turn to their own purpose. The god of air did this in a similar fashion to our father. He would introduce an organism -- a piece of himself -- into an ancient human, and that human would change. Evolve. Grow into. . .

Well, something else. Something no longer human, but not like me or Travis.

Travis' slug wasn't aware of the box in Texas. I only became aware of it recently, while I was there doing a job for my handlers. The man who owned it didn't know what it was.

I did. It stirred some racial memory deep down in the slug -- it was a child of the god of air. And it was viable. It was alive.

And in two more days, all going to plan, it will join with Cassie.

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