Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day Seventy-Four

Day 74: 14 Aug 2010

Disturbing developments today. One -- when I woke up this morning, Cassie was nowhere to be found. Compound problem: I wasn't *supposed* to wake up at all this morning, because I wasn't supposed to have slept in the first place.

See, I fall asleep all the time. The slug sleeps only rarely -- maybe an hour every couple of weeks. But one of us is always up. Our eyes haven't closed for longer than a second in the past six years.

The fact that I fell asleep, then the slug did, is bad. Quite bad, in fact, because it means the slug is even weaker than I thought -- he last slept for an hour or so three days ago.

And Cassie's disappearance -- that's troubling. Did she wander off? Did something happen to her?

More good news, too. I still have no idea where Travis is. I don't know if he's learned to hide himself, or if it's due to the slug's declining health that I can't sense him.

Either way, no answers today. Just more anxiety.


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