Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day Eighty-Four

Day 84: 24 Oct 2010

One guard outside the boathouse. There used to be three, but those were non-murdery times.

I went in first. I didn't try to be stealthy about it -- I wanted him to see me. And he did.

"Stop!" he yelled, raising his weapon. A P90, I think. I'm not great with guns.

Cassie swept in behind him, moving blindingly fast and without a sound. Her feet didn't touch the ground. She barely hit him, and he crumpled to the dirt.

"This is where they keep five million in cash?" she said, shaking her head.

I understood her reaction. It was a crappy clapboard hut, basically. It was supposed to look that way, supposed to be avoided. I didn't answer her -- just took the steel-reinforced door right off his hinges and threw it to the ground.

The bags were there. All of them. Ten black "Las Vegas" duffel bags, each with $500,000 in cash. We only needed one.

"Any harm in taking more?" Cassie looked at me with a lopsided grin.

"Only as much as we can carry with us," I said without thinking.

Uh, yeah. I'm sure I mentioned this, but we're both really strong. We could carry them all, and we did.

* * *

Eric was right on time. He wasn't hard to find, either -- he was leaning on his Ford Econoline van, tattooed arms crossed over his chest.


"Howdy yourself," Cassie said, nodding.

"You bring me something?"

I opened the Lexus' trunk, which was packed with bags. Cassie grabbed one and handed it to him.

"Right, then," Eric said after looking inside. "Your brother Travis is on the move. Don't know where, exactly, but I have the GPS tags on his car."

Eric handed us a netbook -- a dot on the screen was moving. It was headed away from Los Angeles.

"That thing's got a 4G wireless card. Keep it charged, and it should lead you right to him."

So now, Cassie and I are on the move again. We're headed east. That's all I know for the moment.

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