Monday, October 11, 2010

Day Seventy-One

Day 71: 11 Oct 2010

Just realized that today and yesterday were both binary days -- the dates worked out to binary codes. I mention this only because it's a random, pointless thought I had -- and I haven't had any of those in more than six years. The slug finds our random nature -- the wandering of our minds -- distasteful, so he tends to stop random thinking before it starts.

Today, though, I felt my mind wander. To have its own pointless, rambling, spontaneous musings again. I was shocked at first. Then I got worried.

That one thought may mean a lot more than reflection on the date. I know the slug is getting weaker now. Can he no longer stop my mind from wandering? Or perhaps he can, but he just doesn't want to waste the energy it would take?

Scary stuff with Travis, his power new and strong, bearing down on us -- and I have no doubt that's exactly what he's doing. Since Cassie's transformation, I've made no attempt to hide myself from Travis' senses. The longer I run, the more people will die. I know he's on his way.

I just have no clue what'll happen when he gets here.

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