Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Three

Day 123: 02 Dec 2010

Travis and his men had left a hole at least thirty feet deep and more than a hundred feet across in the ice. They'd done most of the work for us -- the God of the Land would be easy to raise now.

Thule was crawling with military people. They'd come to find out what happened, to clean up the mess. Unlike Travis and his people, we left them alone and went around. No need to raise further alarm. The slug Travis hosts is rash, young. He knows nothing of stealth or subtlety. Fortunately, we do.

The forty-mile walk inland, plus the ten-mile detour around Thule, took us most of the day. It was near midnight when we arrived. I set my men to work clearing off the last few feet of ice. By early morning, I could see the first segments of the God of the Land. We were ready to begin.

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