Monday, December 6, 2010

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Seven

Day 127: 06 Dec 2010

We reached the Andes today. I know because the God of the Skies told me. We swept low over a tall peak. He indicated I should fly down to the surface.

"You're not landing?" I said.

I do not land. Nor do I sleep. I am airborne. Always flying.

I leapt down, my feet hitting the rock seconds later. I could still hear him in my head.

Twenty paces right. A small opening to a large cave. This was once my temple, the place where your ancestors' ancestors came to pay tribute. Go inside.

I did. It was dark in the cave, but I could see well enough. His voice was still in my head as I went deeper into the cavern.

Once, the people who lived here called me Urubutsin. Vulture King, hoarder of light. This was well after my last death, he thought. They had some facts incorrect. Still, they knew enough to use the weapons. Forty-five paces ahead, under a large square rock.

I saw the boulder. "Large" didn't quite do it justice -- it was taller than me and four times as wide. The Astrologer's Staff -- the same symbol from Travis' notebook -- was carved into its face.

You will not need to move it. Dig just below it, he thought. You'll find what we need there.

I dug for what seemed like a while until I found them -- two long, large knives. Swords, really. Their blades were black, and they looked heavy, but as I lifted them out, I was surprised. They felt lighter than air.

Take them. Place them on your back. Do not worry, they cannot cut you. Only the children of the Sea and the Land.

I took off my heavy coat. There was no need for it now that we were away from Thule. From its remnants, I made two straps, which I fastened to the blades. They felt like nothing against my spine, but I could feel it -- a sudden jolt, almost electric, surged through my body.

Come now. We need one more item.

"Where are we headed?" I asked as I walked out of the cave. I leaped up, landing on his back.

You would call it Vancouver.

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