Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day One Hundred and Thirty-Three

Day 133: 12 Dec 2010

Jason Black is a traitor.

Now we can see why he was so eager to get the boat for us. He had his plans. In the middle of our first sea crossing, he blew a hole in the ice raft with C4.

The explosion didn't injure any of us, of course. Not the God of the Land, not Travis, not my soldiers. But the explosion wasn't the problem -- the rapidly sinking ice raft was.

As I've mentioned before, the slugs were created to fight the Gods of the Land and Skies because our father could not leave the sea. The same is true for the God of the Land -- he cannot survive in the sea. There was nothing we could do as the raft cracked and broke. The whole thing came apart in a matter of seconds, and the God of the Land fell through the ice, swallowed up by the nurturing seas.

And Jason Black took off in the boat he'd provided. There was no time to chase after him now -- we had to meet with our father. As one, we swam South, towards the Gulf of Mexico.

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