Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day One Hundred and Forty-Seven

Day 147: 26 Dec 2010

The God of the Seas has moved to the colder water now. With enough soldiers spawned, he's turned to weapons. The weapons that he makes are made of coral, and can easily kill the children of the God of the Skies and the God of the Land.

This is how it goes with gods. The weapons are formed from their own bodies, as with the obsidian in the God of the Skies' wings. Production is hard on them, moreso than the production of their soldiers, so they must move to remote locations to avoid attack. The God of the Skies prefers the air over what is now South America, and our father prefers the cold waters of the Arctic seas.

By late tomorrow, we will have enough weapons to finally eliminate Cassie and her god.

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