Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day One Hundred and Thirty-Six

Day 136: 15 Dec 2010

If Jason Black did his job correctly, we should only have to deal with Travis, Jared, and their soldiers. The God of the Land should be dead by now -- a worm drowned during a torrential rainstorm. Hopefully, he died in the sea as planned. That would mean he had no time to create soldiers of his own, and that the twenty-seven children of the God of the Sea are all we have to face.

And they shouldn't be too hard to handle, thanks to the blades the God of the Skies provided, plus the two syringes I got yesterday. With that huge airborne God at my side, I think I actually have a good shot at stopping them this time.

At least, I hope I do. I guess I'll find out before sunrise tomorrow, because that's when we're expecting them to arrive in old New Orleans.

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