Monday, August 23, 2010

Day Twenty-One

Day 21: 22 Aug 2010

I woke up in the same place today, only sitting on the couch rather than laying. The TV was on and blaring.

It was some Chinese TV show -- I don't speak Chinese, but Tran once taught me how to recognize it when I hear it (versus, say, Thai). While I couldn't really understand what was being said, the show was pretty visual -- I could follow along with it well enough.

It seemed -- to me, anyway -- to be a hokey "fact or fiction" type of show, with Jonathan Frakes replaced by a tiny Chinese guy. The subject was some horrific sea monster, something that the artist's renditions made look as big as an ocean liner. Chinese legend? Or truth? You make the call!

Like I said, it was hokey. It didn't hold my interest for more than a few minutes, so I got up.

I wasn't as dizzy or disoriented this time. I headed for the office door and opened it a crack.

"Coming out now!" I yelled. "I'd appreciate it if no one bonked me on the head! My skull's getting all squishy!"

I opened the door wider. So far, so good. I walked out into the garage and found Cassie standing there next to her shitbox Thunderbird.

"Don't be such a pussy," she said. "Nobody's gonna hurt your precious widdle melon. Now man up. It's midnight, and we've got work to do."

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