Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day Seventeen

Day 17: 18 Aug 2010

RDU International Airport

No problems with security at RDU, but I'm just carrying my netbook and two changes of clothes.

They also had no problem with me paying in cash -- I didn't know airlines even did that anymore. And now, the waiting.

It's my least favorite part of air travel, and why I prefer to drive everywhere. Dammit. Wish I'd brought a book or something.

Also (and just random bitching here, because I didn't sleep again last night) why send me to Vegas via Newark?

Newark Liberty International

Newark. Jesus, it's ugly even from the air.

Still got an hour to kill before my flight to Vegas. I'm getting restless, cranky, and entirely too paranoid. There's a young guy, my age, sitting behind me who's been staring at me since RDU. Every time I look, he's looking back at me.

So what, right? Guy's probably just on the same unlikely combination of flights I am, heading to Vegas for vacation. I wish I could believe that. It just feels wrong.

Sure, he's dressed like he's on vacation -- shorts, t-shirt, backwards hat. But he doesn't look the part. He's got cold, staring eyes and a hard set to his jaw.

I'm probably just seeing things. Jesus, I need some sleep.

* * *

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas Strip

Here. Waiting. Strip is crowded as all hell, but Kevin said his man on the ground would find me.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

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