Friday, August 6, 2010

Day Five

Day 5: 06 Aug 2010

Not much actually happened today. Slept like crap last night, but still got up with the rising sun. Zombied my way through work -- no ships in or out, so I just ended up doing cleanup from the rest of the week. Fortunately mindless.

Of course I kept my eye pasted to Trillian all day. Had AIM up on my phone for the drive home -- nearly crashed twice checking it. Booted up one of my laptops as soon as I got home, set the Trillian window to "Always On Top," and brought up the picture again.

I'm not what you'd call a detective. My degree's in database management, not forensic pathology or photo identification. Try as I might, I couldn't find any clues in the picture that gave me any idea where the guy who could be Jared was standing. All I could tell was that it was a loading dock somewhere. Probably in America, as the "Fire Pump" sign was in English.

I gave up on the photo and tried to work some of the other information I had -- the screen name "maninblack422." I Googled like mad. The name itself brought up nothing, really -- something in Pakistan that I'm sure is unrelated. So then I tried just "maninblack. Got a halfway-decent rock band in New York, plenty of alien conspiracy stuff -- again, nothing really helpful at all. "422" was next.

Even less there. "422 = 2 x 211." Thanks a pantload, Wikipedia. Lian Wu also died in 422 A.D. Glad you know that, right?

All in all, a shitty, unproductive day with far too little sleep. Fuck it. I'm going to bed.

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