Monday, January 31, 2011

Day One Hundred and Eighty-Three

Day 183: 31 Jan 2011

Black and his guys were on the deck within seconds.

"Everything you've got, boys!" Black yelled.

His men raised their guns -- M4s, M249s, even a rocket launcher. They opened up on the God of the Seas with the last of the obsidian rounds. We could see small chunks flying off, but the rounds weren't hitting deep enough. Even the rocket only managed to kill a tentacle.

Turned out not to be a problem, though. Before Black and his guys could even reload, the God of the Skies appeared in front of us. None of us had heard or seen him approach -- he was suddenly just there. He dove right into the exposed head of the God of the Seas. The noise was awful -- a long, loud screeching wail, and I didn't know which God it was coming from. It hurt our ears powerfully. I clapped my hands over mine, and saw Black and his guys do the same as we watched the two Gods sink below the surface.

Soon after, the water turned red with blood.

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