Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day One Hundred and Eighty-Four

Day 184: 01 Feb 2011

So here's what happened after the God of the Skies crashed into the ocean with the God of the Seas: nothing. Neither one of them surfaced. The water turned red, as I said before, but that was all.

No, not all. The link was suddenly broken. The constant background whisper -- what I'd come to recognize as the God of the Skies' thoughts -- ceased abruptly and entirely.

I tried to reach for Travis, but I couldn't get near the water. Black saw the difficulty I was having and turned to his buddies.

"Frogmen, you're up. Pull out our boy," he said, and two of the Navy guys instantly jumped into the sea and hauled Travis onboard.

That was 36 hours ago. And now. . . now we're just sitting in the hospital with Briggs and Jared. Travis is still unconscious. Briggs says there's nothing more he can do for Jared, and he's not getting any response out of Travis.

So, not a great day.

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