Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day One Hundred and Eighty-Nine

Day 189: 06 Feb 2011

Woke up in my shop's office with a raging hangover. In retrospect, going on a two-day binge wasn't bright. Apparently, resistance to alcohol was not among the superpowers that the God of the Skies' bug gives me.

Yep, he's still kicking. The bug is still with me, healthy as ever.

Briggs, though. . . I mean, the kid looks young, but goddamn can he fucking drink. I'm assuming he's who dropped me off here last night, because otherwise I have no idea how I got home.

Today was kind of cool. The air was nice and thin, and the temperature didn't go much above 70. That's good for a hangover, doesn't make you want to vomit. I find cigarettes are good, too, and I was outside smoking one of those when a black Dodge Charger pulled up in front of the shop. Two guys in Air Force dress blues stepped out and walked over to me.

"Cassie Chow?" one of them said.

"Mmyep. That's me."

"Would you mind coming with us, ma'am?"

"Long as you stop calling me 'ma'am.' I'm 26, jerk."

I got in the backseat. The two Air Force guys got in and started driving, and I noticed we were headed out of town.

"Where are we headed, guys?" I asked. Probably a question I should have come up with before getting in the car, but hey.

One of the Air Force guys turned around. He smiled.

"Ever wonder where they keep the aliens?"

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