Monday, January 3, 2011

Day One Hundred and Fifty-Five

Day 155: 03 Jan 2010

The attack finally came today, and it was brutal.

First, there were the helicopters, MH-60 Black Hawks. They were fast and agile, and throwing the obsidian-tipped rounds that had already killed scores of my men. We lost hundreds.

But then the helicopters moved off, and I thought we were in the clear. Our troop strength was still at more than a thousand then. But as night fell, the second wave came.

We didn't hear them coming. It was the God of the Skies, with Cassie riding upon him. He swept low through the city, his obsidian wings slicing through a hundred soldiers at a pass. My men cut and slashed at him. I'm sure he was wounded, but not enough to stop him from cleaning out at least half of my remaining men.

But that wasn't all. In fact, it wasn't even the main attack. As my men were dying by the hundreds, I heard a call from our father. A call of distress. Travis was underwater now, off the coast, attacking him.

I took the rest of my men and went in after him as midnight dawned.

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