Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yep, tonight I'm finally going to get around to answering some of the questions I've gotten in email and via DM. I have no clue why so few of you comment on the blog (thanks to those who have), but don't be shy -- we can always get some discussions going. And now, I give you the Q&A for the past week or so:

  • Q: Are you writing this all out ahead of time?

    A: Not really. I write something, copy it over to OpenOffice to make sure I have enough words for at least 20 tweets, then immediately start posting it to Twitter.

  • Q: Where did you get the idea for this story?

    A: Not to sound too much like a dick, but I just made it up. I had the original idea a while back, but never did anything with it (and I'm kind of glad, because this story is taking a completely different course from the one I had mapped out for that one), and I just started writing Eric the day I started this project.

  • Q: How is it you make money off this project?

    A: I've actually been asked this a couple of times, and there's a very simple answer. I don't make money by doing this. If you're looking for one of those "I can show you how to make money with Twitter!" guys, you'll be wanting to look in another direction. I'm just here to tell a story, folks. For free, as it turns out.

  • Q: Seriously, though. You can tell me. How are you making money doing this?

    A: OK, I'll tell you. I'm not. It's that simple. By following my plan, you can also not make money.

  • Q: I think I know you. Are you [this guy]?

    A: Nope. That's some other guy. In all seriousness, if I do know you, and you've sent me an email, I've already confirmed it.

  • Q: Why the big identity mystery? Ashamed of who you are, that it?

    A: You've found my horrible, dark secret! Who I am is irrelevant. It'd probably just get in the way of the storytelling, anyway.

That's about all of them, I think. Keep the emails, comments, and DMs coming in -- I'll try to answer them somewhat more regularly.

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