Thursday, July 22, 2010

Title-ize our Embookenations!

Or, to put it in a language that more closely resembles English, what should I title the collection of short stories that formed Tweet_Book_4?

It's no shock that I kind of suck at titles. I mean, look at the three I've already done -- they're not going to win any "most awesome title awards" anytime soon, so here's the challenge:

Come up with a title for the book of shorts we completed on June 30 in the comments below. If we get enough suggestions (i.e., more than two), we'll have a poll to vote in the winner (as the last one proved, polls are more popular with you lot than I ever would have imagined).

If we went with just the short stories from Tweet_Book_4, the length of this one would be around 53.5k words -- but I'm also including the Supplementals from 47 Echo, which means the book will weigh in around 66.5k. Use that knowledge when crafting your titles, if you need to.

And bonus! The winning entry will earn more than bragging rights this time. They will earn. . . something that must be mailed to them! Yes! A physical object to be revealed when we have a winner! So, get on that, will you? (Oh, and guest writers are in no way barred from entering -- you'll still get something mailed to you if your title wins.)


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  2. Shadows: Hidden tales from the 47 Echo universe

  3. The Ground War: A 47 Echo Collection

  4. Good stuff, men. Keep 'em coming.