Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moving on. . .

So, what's the next Tweet_Book going to be?

I've thought about that rather a lot lately (especially the last three days, which I spent mostly in Bat Country thanks to not-insignificant doses of medically sanctioned painkillers). I do want to keep the project going, but I have many other obligations -- the much-theorized "real life" -- to keep up with.

I think I know the story I want to do, but my thought at the moment (while, admittedly, still halfway to Bat Country -- I'm on half-doses of everything today) is to do it half-speed, from a combination of the Web and my Blackberry.

One thing's for sure -- it won't be the 47 Echo sequel. As I'm working on that one now, it wouldn't be a Tweet_Book kind of thing -- I wouldn't be writing that one live, so it wouldn't be true to the spirit of the project.

As always, any ideas or suggestions you have are most welcome. For now, though, back to the day-job work, as it does, y'know, pay the bills.

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