Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pleased to meet you -- I won't make you guess my name

So, I've been getting a bunch of email recently asking "Hey, are you this guy?" To all of which, I've had to answer "no." One of my favorites was someone who downright accused me of being Jello Biafra, and mentioning the Dead Kennedys to sell more copies of records and reap the royalties. I wonder at how the conspiracy theories work in this guy's brain.

To put anyone's mind to rest -- I am not Jello Biafra, though I do highly enjoy his music.

Hello! Name's Shawn Kupfer. You probably don't know me and have never heard of me. If my name sounds familiar at all, it was probably attached to a tech article you read in a magazine a while back, or you're possibly one of the 15 people who read my first novel way back in the far-off land of 1999. If you Google my name, chances are I'm responsible for what comes up.

Why do this now, 32,000 words into the book? To be quite honest, people trying to figure out who I am was taking a little bit away from the story, which is what I want to be putting out there. So now you know, and knowing is half the battle (I know this is true, because Barbecue once told me so after lecturing me on fire safety).

Nothing has changed, though. All you know now that you didn't before is who I am. I still love to interact with you, so keep those emails, DMs, @replies, and comments coming!

And thanks much for following along!


  1. Shawn Kupfer? I thought he was just the old man who lives at the school.

  2. He is that. He's also (spoiler alert) Luke Skywalker's father.