Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rules -- Third Edition

First off, Happy Halloween, all. Hope you're having a fun, interesting, and most of all heart-stoppingly scary All Hallow's Eve.

So, time for Tweet_Book_3. I've known which story I wanted to write next since sometime in the middle of the madness that was Tweet_Book_2 (or 47 Echo, as the novel is actually called), so what I was going to write was never at issue. The way I was going to write it, though -- that was something I had to think about.

See, it's not enough of a challenge to me to just load up Twitter on the Web and copy and paste that night's work into a series of tweets anymore. I've done that, twice. I've proven I can write that way (to the tune of 130,000 words, no less). Also, the way I was putting the tweets together was a little confusing (and thanks to the brilliant and talented Rick Chesler, whose Wired Kingdom is definitely worth a look), what with all of the broken-up sentences and all.

So, here are the new rules for this go-round:

  • First, I'm writing the entire thing from my Blackberry Curve 8330 using the outstanding TwitterBerry application.
  • Second, I'm going to try (as much as possible) to make all of the tweets complete sentences (for ease of reading).
  • Third, tweets will be spread out more over the course of the day -- this is partially by design (as I'll be live-writing direct from the Blackberry) and partially to make the account less spammy.
  • A minimum of 20 tweets a day (approximately 500 words) is still in effect, as with previous projects. However, I'm going to try like hell to get this one done in two months, so it may be something more like 60 to 80 tweets a day. Good thing they'll be spread out more.

Those are the rules so far -- I plan to start the new book soon, just after I put up the last few supplementals from 47 Echo. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!


  1. Looking forward to it.
    I put the first part of my series, 'Jimmy and the Black Wind" out on postings on Twitter and found it challenging. I have since rewritten it and posted it on my site.
    Book 2 of the "Jimmy..." series was being done on Twitter but I pulled it due to other commitments - that one is in hibernation until at least December.

    Anyway, I will read Book 3 when you put it up.
    Good luck.


  2. Hey, are you married to the name "47 Echo?" Because, I think it would sound better if you tweaked the title to read "Four-Seven Echo" Leave the numbers though, what do you think?

    "4-7 Echo"

    Or does it look too much like it's trying to say 'four to seven echo?'

  3. Neil -- Thanks so much, sir!

    Anon -- Yeah, I'm toying with the idea of the hyphen between the 4 and the 7, as that's the way it's referred to 99% of the time in the book. Good call.

  4. Awesome! I need to finish reading the last one, but looking forward to this one! Happy writing!