Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rules of the Second Long Road

Yep, I'm insane. I'm doing it again. Anyone care for dystopia this time around?

New rules --

1. Last time, I didn't build myself any time off. Therefore, Sunday and Monday nights will have minimal to no story updates, so I can get some sleep at least two nights a week. However, the number of words I put out per week won't drop -- if anything, they're going up.

2. I'm going to try to wait at least a minute between story updates this time to make things appear a little less spammy. That means if there are 40 updates, it'll take me at least 40 minutes to post that night's story work.

3. Still writing it near-live, though. Still posting a first draft.

4. Got a question, bitch, or spot a plot hole I could drive my car through? Want a response in real-time? I'll get back to DMs, emails, and comments as soon as I see them. @replies to me might be met with a DM, or an @reply from @JohnnySix, who is also me. (Feel free to follow there, but I keep my follow-back list pretty small on that account. @Tweet_Book will probably follow you back, though, so long as you're not spammy as all hell.)

5. When you see an @mention in the story, click on it. It may take you somewhere cool.

6. Want to jump in and guest-write a post on the blog, or do some backstory on one of the characters? Let me know. I want this process to be even more collaborative than the last one. As with the last one, though, always, always shoot me your questions, suggestions, comments, etc.

That's about it for now. New book starts Tuesday night.

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  1. Just read beginning of your new book. Already interesting stuff...