Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dead Reckoning

So a few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Adam over at The Army of the Dead Regime. I should have been packing for a trip to Omaha at the time, but instead, I decided to chat with Adam about the Twitter Novel Project. Sure, I may have worn the same shirt for five days on vacation, but it was worth it. (Note: Of course I didn't. I'm a guy. I pack directly from the dryer.)

In Part One of the interview, Adam and I discuss important topics such as the post-MacGyver career of Richard Dean Anderson, Jason Mewes, and once in a while, we even mention the book.

In Part Two, I call myself an asshole.

It was hellaciously fun to do this interview, and I thank Adam immensely for the time he put into it. Stick around and check out his blog -- man has some funny, funny stuff going on there.

In other news, the blog reorganization grinds on. It should be done by Saturday or so, about the same time I should finish off Chapter 1 revisions. Keep the suggestions rolling in.

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