Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two things --

First, Chapter One is finished. With today's update, we're hovering around 2500 words, or roughly 1/20 of a novel. I'll be posting Chapter 1 here to the blog in a few minutes, so it's less annoying to read.

Now, for something ultra-cool -- yesterday morning, I noticed I had grabbed a new follower. I checked it out to find it was none other than Dennis "Machinegun" Thompson, drummer for the most brilliant proto-punk band the MC5. If you haven't heard the MC5, you're truly missing out -- and if you have heard them but don't hear Dennis' influence in every decent rock band since, you're not listening. The man revolutionized rock and roll drumming -- just try to think of, say, Nirvana without his influence on Dave Grohl -- so I'm more than a little honored and humbled that he's following this hairbrained little project of mine.

Make sure to check out Machinegun's blog, and follow him on Twitter @MC5Dennis.

Stay tuned for the Chapter One posting, and, until then, Kick Out The Jams, Motherfuckers.

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