Thursday, February 19, 2009

Details (Now With 30% More Devil)

So, here's the specifics on how I see the project, brought to you in convenient bullet-form (but otherwise devoid of any sort of actual order):

  • I will post no fewer (but sometimes more) than 20 story tweets per day. I may post an administrative tweet or two, but those won't, of course, count towards the story, and I'll keep them as either the first or last tweet of the day to minimize story intrusion.
  • Sorry, folks. I probably won't @ reply or RT anything. That will seriously screw with the story flow, but that doesn't mean I don't want feedback. That's what the blog is for -- feel free to post any comment right here.
  • If you follow me, there's a pretty good chance I'm going to follow you right back, unless your tweets are really, really offensive to me -- and I'm pretty damned hard to offend.
  • Speaking of offending people, if one of my characters says or does something that offends you, first take a nice, deep breath and remind yourself that these are fictional characters, and thus should not be taken too seriously. If you've taken said deep breath and counted ten-Mississippi, but you still want to give me shit, have at it. Again, that's what comments on the blog are for. Just try not to be too much of a dick (you can be a bit dickish if you like -- Lord knows I tend to be). The more cogent and well thought-out your rantings are, the better the chance I will respond with more than a passing insult or deletion of your comment (I try never to delete comments, but sometimes obvious trolls do get zeroed out).
  • Everything I write is under Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike, so feel free to use it as a jumping-off point for your own ideas. The only thing I ask is not to copy my work word-for-word and claim it as your own -- nobody likes plagarists. However, if you want to retweet, go ahead and retweet the hell out of anything I put up. Just make sure it's attributed properly.

Well, folks, that's about it for the moment. Ground Zero is in just over 27 hours. I look forward to the ride -- and feel free to drop comments and shoot emails my way.

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