Welcome to the Twitter Novel Project! Started in February 2009, the Project raised the question: could I live-write an entire novel on Twitter?

The answer was yes. Then yes four more times. I'm now onto the sixth.

I'm currently writing a near-past novel, set in Los Angeles in 1998. I'll let you know when a title appears.

I just finished live-writing "200 Days," a real-time story posting one chapter per day. Click "August 2010" on the toolbar at the right to get started on Day Zero.

The last project was a collection of shorts in the 47 Echo universe, written by me and a collection of guest authors. It starts here, with "Afterimage." If you haven't read the original 47 Echo novel, though, might I suggest starting out with "Evac," "Six of Six," or "CVN-79."

There are also three other books on the site. The first, White Male, 34 was written from Februrary to May, 2009, live on Twitter. It's organized chronologically, so you can just click "Older Post" to move through the chapters.

The second is the above-mentioned 47 Echo (first draft of the first chapter available). It's a near-future military sci-fi, and the first in a planned series of novels upon which the current short-story collection is based. This one also contains a few Supplementals -- short stories -- from guest authors. 47 Echo is out now from Carina Press.

The third, L.E.O., is a sequel to White Male, 34. I wrote this one entirely on my Blackberry, which was a challenge. Like 47 Echo, you can click "Newer Post" to move through the chapters.

Feel free to drop a comment anywhere on the site -- I do check them regularly. Also, I love getting email, so you're always welcome to shoot me a message there.

New updates are always posted to the @Tweet_Book account on Twitter, as is the nature of the project, so you can also get a hold of me via @ replies and DMs on Twitter. Most likely, I'll follow you back if you decide to follow me.

That's about the size of it. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

--Shawn Kupfer