Thursday, April 1, 2010

San Dimas High School Football Rules!

Yes, the title of this blog entry is a Twitter joke. That's the closest I'm going to get to an April Fool's joke, because I'm old. You should probably get off my lawn before I find a rake.

So here they are, folks -- the rules for the fourth incarnation of Tweet_Book:

  • As mentioned yesterday, this time around will be a collection of short stories set in the 47 Echo universe. While each story will be relatively small (and thus more digestible), the aim is to have a novel-length collection at the end of it all.
  • There will be guest authors this time around. If you haven't already heard from me and you might have perhaps been expecting to, don't worry -- I'm still getting set up over here, and I've asked exactly one person thus far. If you think you're on the list to be asked, you probably are.
  • As these are going to be short stories, I'm thinking of posting them in their entirety -- one whole short story a night. This means there'll be breaks, sometimes days long, in between story updates as I get the next one written. This also means I'll be available to actually converse with you fine folks in the interim without messing up the story timeline.
  • Story-related tweets will be tagged with the #twtbk hashtag. Anything else is probably not essential to the current story.
  • Yes, I'll be having guest authors. . . but I'm also going to have a contest. One (or perhaps more) of the stories will come from reader submissions. If you get chosen by our panel of experts (me and the larger of my two dogs, currently), you'll not only get your story published here and on the @Tweet_Book page, you'll get a very cool prize from me (and not the dog).

That about sums it up, I think. Stay tuned to the Twitter page as the first of the stories gets rolling tonight. . .

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