Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking Forward

I'm considering what I want to do next with Tweet_Book -- I know that I'm going to do something (probably starting around April 1), but I'm not entirely sure what yet.

Some ideas:

  • A short story collection in the world of 47 Echo (possibly written with a few guest authors)
  • Another novel, this one having nothing to do with anything I've done on Tweet_Book before (to be honest, I think I'm going to be working on this one anyway, regardless of if I post it to Twitter or not)
  • A first-person story (in-character), without much regard to length (as in, it may not be a novel so much as a story)
  • A film script, posted to Twitter line by line
  • Who knows? Could be something else entirely.

So, what do y'all think? Feel free to shoot me an email, @ reply, or comment with your thoughts. Now, back to work for me.

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