Friday, November 20, 2009

So. . . how's by you?

Five chapters in, I thought I'd do a really quick post with some updates. Because that, apparently, is how I've decided to roll.

First, a few notes on the format of the current project. I have to say that I love, love, love writing it from my BlackBerry. Smoke break? Write a couple of updates. Sitting bored on the couch? Write a couple more. With no waiting for the computer to start, no distractions (damn you, Hulu!), I seem to be getting a lot more done without noticing it. Bravo there.

Also, TwitterBerry has been a champ. It's worked beautifully so far, and I think all the times I've had any problems have been Twitter problems, and not related to Orangtame's software in the slightest (I've gone back and checked on the Web, and the one time I was having problems posting updates, Twitter itself was throwing up and dying every few seconds). Oh, and apparently TwitterBerry is now OpenBeak as of this morning. I did the download, and I have to say I like the new GUI (as seen below).

My only complaint is one I can level at myself, really. Writing in the 140-character constraint (for complete sentences) is a little tough, but I can fix it in revisions.

And speaking of revisions, I'm working on those for 47 Echo, the near-future SF distopia novel I did before this one. Stay tuned for updates on how that's going.

Back to work for me. Happy Friday, all, and thanks for reading!

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